Pastor Ed and Debbie Neimann

Ed received Jesus Christ into his life as Lord and Savior after hearing the Gospel for the first time while a freshman at the University of Massachusetts. Debbie came to Christ about the same time while attending a church in Pittsburgh. They both met each other at Bible College. After graduating Bible College Ed attended seminary and has an earned doctorate in Ministry. Both ED and Debbie have worked in Christian school and church ministries for over thirty years in Missouri, Iowa and Pennsylvania. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary June 16, 2019. They have raised a family of five children.

Pastor Ed accepted the call to be our pastor at Community Bible Church in June 2019. He seeks to cultivate a spiritually healthy and reproducing congregation. Pastor Ed’s focus is on encouraging us to establish and maintain five core values in our lives and in the church. They are Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry and Evangelism.