God’s Initiates – John 3:16

For God: Our relationship with God begins with Him as He seeks us and initiates due to His desire for a relationship with us. He is the causator and we are the responders.

So Loved: The word “so” speaks of God’s deep and abiding love for us.

The World: God seeks all to repent of their sins and call upon Jesus Christ to save them from their sins.

That He Gave: True love gives what is precious to bless those they love.

His Only Begotten Son: Father God gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to become our sin substitute and die in payment for our sins. He was buried and arose three days later as our risen Savior Lord to all who call upon Him for salvation.

That Whosoever Believeth On Him: Anyone can humble their heart before God and place their trust in Jesus Christ as the forgiver of their sins and leader of their life.

Should Not Perish: God keeps and protects each person who comes to Him through Jesus Christ.

But Have Everlasting Life: God promises unending existence in His presence to all those who come to Jesus Christ and receive in faith full forgiveness and pardon from all their sins. He comes and indwells His followers through His Holy Spirit and imparts His character and life.

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