As Christians, we are disciples of Jesus Christ. Because we are His disciples, He is our Lord. Because He is our Lord, we strive to walk in His ways. As a local body of believers in Christ, we gather regularly for worship, edification and fellowship. We also observe the teachings of baptism and communion.

We do not merely talk about our discipleship in Christ. At Community Bible Church, you will see discipleship in action as we apply Christ’s teachings to our personal lives and to our interactions and relationships with others. We also take Christ’s teachings into the world as His missionaries to family, friends, acquaintances and to those unknown to us whom God would have cross our paths.


“…the Body of Christ is the place of acceptance, the place of atonement and peace between God and man.” (Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship, SCM Press Ltd, Copyright 1959). Yet while we are sinners, in Christ we are accepted, forgiven and at peace with God. Therefore, you can expect the love of Christ to be evident as you visit Community Bible Church, regardless of where you are in your personal walk with Christ.


Derived from the Greek words euangelion, which means “good news,” and euangelizomai, which means “to proclaim as good news”, evangelical believers have existed since the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit, as promised by Christ, was given to the early believers as their comforter as well as their witness to the promise of eternal salvation. As evangelicals, we focus on a personal relationship with Christ and upon proclaiming the good news of His salvation, which is made available to all who would believe.